Special Tours

Special tours are special requests for specific itinerary from SUCs, LGUs, researchers, private groups and other individuals. Itinerary for approved special tours depends on the written request of the requesting party following the same procedure for tour accommodation.



1. Submit a LETTER OF REQUEST addressed to DTRI Director Dr. Amado A. Angeles.

2. State in the letter the following:

  • name of your organization/institution;
  • topics/activities of interest;
  • number of persons;
  • number of buses/ jeepneys/vans;
  • preferred date and time;
  • contact information; and 
  • purpose of visit .

3. Submit the letter of request via email to dtrivisitors@gmail.com AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to your requested date of visit. 

4. All approved or disapproved requests will be notified via email within 48 hours upon receipt of letter. STRICTLY NO APPROVED LETTER OF REQUEST, NO TOUR ACCOMMODATION.

5. For follow-up of request, you may call (049) 536-3744. 

6. Visitors may be accepted from Monday to Friday depending on the availability of the resource persons and facilities to be visited. Duration of visit depends on your purpose.


IMPORTANT REMINDERS for special tours:

1. Once your tour/visit has been approved, print out a copy or save a screenshot of the approved request. You will need this anytime it is requested of you.

2. Inform the Visitors Program Coordinator (VPC) that you have arrived the vicinity.

3. The VPC will then escort you to the areas, activities or people based on your approved itinerary. 

4. You may also purchase fresh DTRI-produced products at the dairy sales bar at the end of the tour.

5. You will be asked to give a short overall evaluation of the tour after the activities.

8. Picture-taking.