DTRI employees transfer to newly renovated Dairy Technology Building

On November 18, 2022, DTRI employees transferred to the newly renovated Dairy Technology Building. It houses the Administration Office, Director’s Office, Conference Room, Dairy Technology Office, Breeding and Physiology Laboratory, Dairy Technology Laboratory, Nutrition and
Reproduction Laboratory, and Hot Room.


The blessing of the newly renovated building was done during the celebration of DTRI’s 60th anniversary last November 3, 2022.


The new workspace is now being utilized by the employees which renders a fresh and more productive atmosphere. It provides a good office environment that is essential for increasing efficiency and easier access to the different
divisions inside the building for DTRI and UPLB employees, students, and stakeholders.


The Renovation Committee and Building, Grounds, Maintenance and Transportation Division of the Institute headed the planning of the construction for the renovated Dairy Technology Building.


Since the fire incident that happened to the 60-year-old DTRI Administration Building on July 8, 2020, the offices of the different units were temporarily housed in different buildings inside the Institute. 

Along with the 60th anniversary celebration of DTRI is the blessing of its newly renovated building.
The building houses the offices and laboratories of the different divisions.
Administration Office and Director's Office on the right, Dairy Technology Office and Dairy Technology Laboratory on the left.
Inside the Administration Office.
The newly renovated Dairy Technology building.

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