How to Make a DIY Soaker Line for your Dairy Farm

An improvised soaker line was installed at DTRI last February 20, 2021. It was placed above the feeding area of the DTRI milking herd. This was done in preparation for the coming hot summer months where hot temperatures decrease the feed intake of dairy cows. Cows adapt to hot weathers by eating less food to prevent overheating and suffering a heatstroke.

What’s a soaker line? It’s simply a pipeline with holes. Water drips from those holes down to the shoulder of the cows to keep them cool. Soaker lines, together with the use of a high-velocity electric fan, have a cooling effect on the cows. This will help the cows during the hot summer months to maintain the volume of milk they produce. It will also help increase milk production during the cooler parts of the year. The effect is similar to taking a cold shower on a hot summer day, and leaving your hair wet then while cooling yourself in front of an electric fan.

The DIY soaker line (three arrows point to it) that DTRI farm staff installed at the dairy farm.

Installing an improvised soaker line is relatively simple. Here is how DTRI farm staff did it. All you need is an old pipe that is 1.5 inches in diameter. Cut it to your desired length. Get some flexible hose. You will need an old clothesline to hang up your pipe with. And, definitely, you will need a drill. When you have all these things, you’re set to go.

Drill on your pipe small holes roughly the size of your smallest fingernail at 8 inches apart. Close one end of the pipe with Styrofoam. Attach the flexible hose to one end of the pipe and link the pipeline to your faucet. Now you have an improvised soaker line for your cows. Just make sure that only droplets come out of the holes so you need to control the water running through it. Turn the soaker line on together with your high-velocity fan to cool down your cows while they are feeding. This simple effect increases the feed intake of your dairy cows. It keeps them cool. In effect, it increases the volume of milk they produce. 

We at DTRI see to it that the cows that give you your fresh milk are healthy and comfortable. So, let’s go! Keep your cows cool and increase milk production by installing your own improvised soaker line! (DBMarcial)

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