At some point in the life of an institution, many (if not all) experience some sort of a descent and some sort of an ascent. Should circumstances be blamed or credited for? Probably not at all. For this is but a normal process of what we call life.

Over the years DTRI has enjoyed numerous achievements. And just like any institution, DTRI has endured many challenges. But she kept raging on—carrying out the mandate solely assigned to her.

Resurgence is an answer to the challenges that might have otherwise submerged the purpose of DTRI’s existence.Resurgence means “to come back from a low point to rise again”. Take for example the ups and downs of the waves that travel the vast ocean. On a placid weather condition, the undisturbed ocean surface displays small water movements. However, there are times when sudden forward (or upward) movements happen. This phenomenon is known as the surge. It exhibits more power compared with the waves that are created on a normally calm ocean.

As DTRI surges forward again, she takes inspiration from the challenges and opportunities that shaped her through time. As one of the independent units of the College of Agriculture and Food Science, DTRI resurges to fulfil once more her mandate as the sole dairy training and research institute in the country.