DTRI Divisions

The DairyTech conducts researches and trainings on improving milk quality and processing techniques. It works collaboratively with the Dairy Plant.

The DPBPD conducts researches on dairy production, breeding and physiology, and initiate biotechnology researches associated with its discipline. It works in collaboration with NFPD and the Dairy Farm.

The NFPD conducts researches on dairy nutrition, feeds and feeding systems, pasture production, forage preservation and utilization. It works closely with the DPBPD and the Dairy Farm through collaborative research and in ensuring the provision of quality feeds for the dairy herd.

The PSLD is responsible for conducting, organizing and coordinating trainings; creating, producing and packaging training materials; and disseminating research-based information. 

The dairy plant processes into different dairy products the milk produced by the dairy farm . It works in collaboration with the DairyTech.

The dairy animals are kept and taken care of in the dairy farm. This is where the milking process begins. It works collaboratively with the DPBPD and the NFPD. 

This unit operates the Dairy Bar. It is responsible for the sales and marketing of dairy products processed by the Dairy Plant and other Dairy Farm outputs such as beef.

Image by Oliver Menyhart from Pixabay

The FASD is in-charge of anything related to DTRI finances and administration.

The BGMTD is in-charge of the upkeep of DTRI buildings, equipment, and premises.