Buildings, Grounds, Maintenance, and Transportation Division

The Buildings, Grounds, Maintenance, and Transportation Division (BGMTD) of DTRI provides preventive maintenance program and repair of DTRI automotive vehicle, mechanical equipment and machineries. It provides transportation services for DTRI staff, manages and maintains vehicle and fuel inventory. It is in-charge of maintaining DTRI buildings, landscape, equipment, machineries and vehicle.

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Francis - Division Head
Alvis - Foreman
Ramon - Maintenance Officer
Danny - Carpenter
Raldy - Electrician
Mener - Driver
Nanding - Maintenance Officer

The BGMTD prepares quotations and list of supplies for procurement of materials for repair, maintenance and construction. Likewise, it prepares terms of reference, design plan, specifications and budgetary cost estimates for DTRI complex development plan. It also prepares a yearlong maintenance program for DTRI building, facilities and equipment.

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Maintenance Officer
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Maintenance Officer