DTRI hosts first Aggie Ps Talk Season 2

DTRI hosted the webinar on How to Make Yogurt and Pastillas de Leche, the first among the series of Aggie Ps Talk Season 2. It was held via Zoom and was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube last November 11. The webinar featured a step-by-step demonstration on how to make yogurt and pastillas de leche from raw materials to finished product. Prof. Angelo Tapia, DTRI deputy director and head of the DTRI Dairy Technology Division, served as the resource person for yogurt-making, while Ms. Aida B. Lanaca, plant manager of the DTRI dairy processing plant, discussed the procedures for pastillas de leche.

Ms. Lanaca satisfactorily answered in detail the questions for both yogurt- and pastillas-making during the question and answer portion. There were 91 participants who attended the webinar from all over the country. The Aggie Ps Talk is an initiative of CAFS in response to the information needs on food production and livelihood during the pandemic. (First published in Aggie Green and Gold November 2020 issue)