PDRC Project 4 benchmarks somatic cell in milk of dairy cows in Batangas

The DTRI Project 4 team, led by Dr. Demetrio B. Marcial Jr., initiated in October 2019 the testing of raw milk in three dairy cattle farms in Tanauan and Lipa City, Batangas using the ImmunoCell California Mastitis Test (CMT) kits. This activity is part of the Philippine Dairy Research Consortium (PDRC) Project 4 on the Development of Farm-specific Protocols for the Reduction of Subclinical Mastitis in a Dairy Enterprise. It aims to establish the baseline for the somatic cell level of milk in cooperating farms.

The CMT is a qualitative cow-side test, which can be used by farmers to determine the somatic cell count (SCC) in raw milk of individual cows and the bulk milk prior to selling to processors.  The SCC in milk is an indication of on-going bacterial infection and may be used as a tool to diagnose subclinical mastitis cases in the farm.

Testing milk samples with CMT reagent. Gel formation indicates high SCC count.

The DTRI Project 4 is funded by DOST-PCAARRD through the Philippine Dairy Research Consortium (PDRC) Dairy Enhancement Program entitled Assisted Reproduction, Nutrition, and Health Interventions For Enhanced Dairy Cattle Productivity and Milk Safety. It aims to create specific management protocols to reduce subclinical mastitis in dairy farms. The reduction in subclinical mastitis should eventually increase the overall milk production of cooperating farms. The project started in December 2018 and will run for three years until the end of November 2021.