Public Service and Linkages Division

The Public Service and Linkages Division (PSLD) conducts, organizes and coordinates trainings on dairy. It is responsible for creating, producing, and packaging information, education, and communication (IEC) materials. It is also tasked to disseminate research-based dairy information needed by all sectors of the dairy industry.

Core Functions

  • Conduct researches related to public service, extension, and other related disciplines.
  • Conduct training courses in coordination with the DTRI technical units.
  • Conduct other extension services like techno-demo, visitors program, and exhibit displays.
  • Provide technical assistance to instruction functions of IAS and other UPLB units including use of facilities.
  • Provide technical consultancy services to different clients, students and teachers.
  • Maintain the DTRI website and manage database.
  • Produce and reproduce IEC materials.

Training and Internship Programs

DTRI’s regular training program aims to promote dairy through its annual short courses. Visit our training page for more information.

The blended training programs emerged from the need for client training during the pandemic. The lectures are conducted via online video conferencing while hands-on learning is conducted on a nearby dairy farm. Learn more about DTRI’s blended training courses.

Webinars are among DTRI’s information services for the general and specialized public. General information on a dairy technology and/or intervention are delivered here using a video conferencing platform or streamed on social media.

DTRI’s specialized training courses are designed and tailored to your training needs on dairy. According to your request and depending on your particular purpose, DTRI designs specialized courses that involves detailed and specific knowledge and skills set. Learn more about DTRI Specialized Courses.

The Practical Farm Workers Training Program is a year-round practical training program which aims to promote dairy and equip manpower for livelihood. Those who aspire to work on a dairy farm will learn first-hand the processes of dairy production and management with more emphasis on animal care and milking activities. Learn more about DTRI’s Practical Farm Workers Training Program.

The DTRI Internship program for students is an extension activity of the Institute aimed at supporting instruction at UPLB. Internship guidelines from the requesting school/home institute is taken into consideration for students to fulfil the objectives set forth by their home Institution.

The in-house training courses for DTRI is just one element of capacity development at the institute. It will focus on providing knowledge and skills for specific problems at the individual and organizational level. The in-house trainings are designed to empower individuals and the institute as a whole for a more vibrant, coordinated and systematic dairy training and research institute.

Visitors Program

Experience dairy at the Dairy Training and Research Institute. From harvesting milk from cows in the farm to snacking on final milk products, DTRI caters to your information needs in a unique and memorable way. Visit DTRI’s Visitors Program page. 


DTRI general tours include request from pre-schools, elementary schools, high school, and colleges/universities. Tour itinerary may include bull-feeding, hand-milking, dairy processing plant and dairy farm tour. Visit DTRI’s Visitors Program page.

Special tours are requests for specific itinerary from SUCs, LGUs, researchers, private groups, and other individuals and organizations. Visit DTRI’s Visitors Program page.

DTRI e-Library

DTRI’s CyberLibrary is a response to the ever-changing and growing information needs of the industry. While the DTRI physical library (or reading room) and all non-digital collections garnered from the past have been burned down along with the DTRI administration building, this timely project has been born out of the pandemic. It contains collections of journals, IEC materials, books, manuals, videos, and other packages information on dairy. 

DTRI aims to gather more collections. And if you happen to have a copy of our former collections (remember they have been burned down too), we appreciate it if you allow us to make digital copies for our e-Library. Email us at

Visit the DTRI e-Library.

Facilities and Equipment

The DTRI auditorium has been around since the Institute’s establishment. It was the only structure left standing when the conflagration burned down the DTRI administration building in 2020.

The DTRI auditorium witnessed numerous local and international events. It served as a learning venue for a great deal of training courses. Moreover, it remained standing to temporarily house the PSLD office and media production laboratory while plans for a new DTRI administration building are still on way.

The DTRI media production lab currently maintains media equipment for live-streaming, video conferencing, and video production. While some of DTRI’s IEC production equipment were consumed by fire, an old desktop publishing computer has been saved. Later on, two computers were added to the production lab.

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