Growth Performance of Growing Dairy Heifers Fed Fresh Mulato II (Brachiaria Ruziziensis X B. Decumbens X B. Brizantha) and Mombasa (Panicum Maximum Jacq. Cv. Mombasa) Compared to Napier (Pennisetum Purpureum Schum.)

Menandro M. Loresco, Mary Joy C. Andal, Karla Joy S. Ty, Amado A. Angeles


Fresh Mulato II, Mombasa and Napier grasses were fed to three groups of growing heifers to compare the average daily gain (ADG), average daily dry matter intake (DMI), body condition scores (BCS), wither height and hip height after 120 days feeding period. Total protein and phosphorus intakes were highest in Napier-fed animals while highest total fat intake was obtained from Mombasa. However, results showed no significant differences in the ADG, average daily DMI, wither height and hip height among the three groups of animals fed with the three grasses. Significant differences between the beginning and ending BCS of the animals per treatment were noted. The present study showed that any of the three grasses may be fed to growing dairy heifers without any negative effect on growth performance.

Philipp J Vet Anim Sci 2019 45(1):87-90

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