In Situ Dry Matter Degradability at 30- And 45-Day Cutting Intervals of Five Pennisetum Species in Dairy Cattle

Thalia J. Bacorro, Catherine P. Cala, Elsie Erika C. Abes, Emily E. Victorio, Albert F. Astillero, Luisito M. Avante


Dry matter (DM) rumen degradability of Bana, Florida, Local Napier, Pakchong and Purple at 30- and 45-day cutting interval (CI) was determined using in sacco technique. Dry matter degradation curves at 30- and 45d CI follow the standard nonlinear degradation curve wherein the majority of the fractions disappear from the bag within 24h incubation. More than 50% of 30d grasses were degraded in 24h except for Bana. Degradation of 45d grasses was the same at 72h. Results show nutrient availability as indicated by high degradation in 30d grasses. Shorter CI for feeding calves and milking cows is recommended.

Philipp J Vet Anim Sci 2019 45(3):187-190

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