Herbage Dry Matter Yield, Nutrient Composition and In Vitro Gas Production of Mulato II and Mombasa Grasses Aat 30- And 45- Day Cutting Intervals

Thalia J. Bacorro, Patricia May B. Reyes, Menandro M. Loresco, Amado A. Angeles


The dry matter (DM) yield and nutrient composition of Mulato II and Mombasa grasses were determined at 30- and 45-day cutting intervals (CI). DM yields and plant height of both grasses were greater at 45 d. Crude protein and calcium decreased (P<0.05) with age while phosphorus was lower at 45 d in Mombasa. Fiber fractions increased (P<0.05). Gas production increased over time but started to plateau between 24-48h incubation. Increased yields were achieved but with decreased nutritive value. Harvesting at 30 d is recom­mended for feeding high producing herds. Whereas, delayed harvesting would be suitable for animals requiring less nutrient density.

Philipp J Vet Anim Sci 2018 44 (1): 86-89

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